Who we are?

With its Inception amidst the COVID Pandemic, a global challenge requiring collaboration and coordination, we realized an urgency for a platform that offers dialogues, answers pertinent questions related to health systems, keeping in mind the urgency for such dialogues and intends to address the necessity of bringing the foremost authorities, leaders, and stakeholders those who directly or indirectly influence or impact the Health Sector of Nepal in a common platform. This necessity helped media personalities along with healthcare professionals to envision & encourage, open discussions on pressing themes and ideas relevant to healthcare sector encouraging a more proactive approach to combat major healhcare challenges.

What we do?

With the agenda of moving “towards healthier Nepal”, Nepal Health Conclave (NHC) is designed as an interactive event to bring together the most eminent minds among different stakeholders directly or indirectly associated with the Healthcare sector of Nepal, to discuss challenges faced, emerging opportunities, and the way forward for strengthening the health system of Nepal primarly for fueling healthy dialogues & fruitful collaboration between Major Healthcare Stakeholders.